The Middle East and North Africa Committee (MENAC) is a working committee of the European Youth Press – a network of 60.000 young media makers across Europe and surrounding regions.

The Committee focuses specifically on promoting intercultural dialogue and learning, building networks and partnerships to improve the contextual understanding between Europe, the Middle East and North Africa by bringing together young media makers from their respective regions. 

We hope to challenge dominant perspectives and dismantle prejudice between these regions and create a better understanding of all complexities involved. 

How do we work? 

We share contextualised information on the MENA region with a focus on constructive and solution based journalism.

We provide a platform for young media makers from Europe and the MENA region to share their views, build their network and embolden their voices. 

We organize workshops, conferences and training for young media-makers from Europe and the MENA region.

We share opportunities to participate in conferences, apply for funding, jobs or the chance to take part in training provided by NGOs, NPOs and media outlets. 

We establish sustainable partnerships with organisations in Europe and the MENA region.

We connect young journalists from the MENA region and Europe to each other and European mainstream media outlets.

Who do we want to reach?

Everyone interested in the MENA region and looking for contextualised information. 

Young media makers from Europe who want to know more about the MENA region and build sustainable networks on the ground.

Young media makers from the MENA region who want to share their media content with a European audience.