by Bahara Taheri

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Everyone would like to have the house of their dreams. A nice big house with a colorful garden, swimming pool, spacious rooms, modern furniture and a massage chair. Or a house on the waterside with a sauna and an expensive car in the garage. Or an expensive house in the city center. Or a house in the mountains with lots of animals.

Today the house of my dreams is where I can live in peace

I also had my dreams, however now, I no longer have them . Today I know that it would not make me happy, at all. Today the real dream is the house where my family welcomes me with love. Where I can live with them in peace. Where my mind can rest and where nobody is afraid. I do not care anymore if the house is old and has a few rooms. The most important thing for me  would be to know that I can sleep in peace at night without thinking that there might be no tomorrow.

Lawyers help countries, that are sick

Three years ago, we had this dream house. My family was happy together. My father was with us. Our house and our lives were not so great, but we had our peace. My father and mother had jobs, my three brothers and I could learn. My father worked as a doctor and my mother was Deputy Head of the Administration.

My dream was to finish school and then study. I wanted to study law, because my country needs lawyers. People who work for justice guide my country in a better direction. I thought  that lawyers are as important for countries as doctors. Doctors help people who are sick. Lawyers help countries that are sick.

My mother was kidnapped

After work and school, we were all coming back home. We had a chance to sit together and say, what we did during the day. Our life was good, but one day everything changed.

I remember the day when we sold our house. I can not forget it. As always, my mother went to work. When she came back, she had a problem. Someone at her work, wanted to force her to do something illegal. When she refused, she was kidnapped. For two days we did not know where she was.

We head to leave Kabul in a rush

When she was released, she came to us. They beaten her up because they believed that she would bend after that. However that was not the only problem. In our culture, it is not very well seen when a married woman disappears for two days. People talked about it. She was treated badly. Her  kidnappers were from the state, that is why she  could not tell where she had been held.

In order to protect her , my parents decided that we need to leave Kabul. We had to sell our house in just one day. Everything happened very quickly. We spent another three weeks in a different city, but even there we didn’t feel safe only because  people from the state are everywhere.
Today I feel like we not only sold our house that day, but also our lives.

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