by Bahara Taheri

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At the time, when I was  still pretty new in Germany,  a lady at the shelter on Osloer Straße told me that she is tired. Now, I get it myself. Very often I do not even have time to eat. My day is so full.

6.30 am

I wake up . I live on the 3rd floor and when I want to take shower I need to get to the 1st floor. There I need to go to security and ask whether I can take a shower.

In the showers , there are no fixed shower heads.  In addition, we have only five or six shower heads for nearly 500 people. There are eight shower cabins for men and four for women. Not all of them work.

If I get access to the shower head, I have to find a free space with hot water. If there is one, then I can take a shower. It always takes a long time. I do not eat breakfast in the morning, because I have no time.

7.25 am

I’m on my way to school. The bus comes at 7.30 am . I need five minutes to  get to the bus stop. I ride the bus three stops up to S + U-Bahn Lichtenberg station, then four stops on the metro to the Frankfurter Tor station  and then two stops by tram.

My school is called  Jane Addams OSZ. I have to be in class at 8 am. I  like to  be on time, always. Therefore, I am in already at 7:51 am. Very often I’m the first one to arrive. My class consists of fifteen students  from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt.

We only learn German. Our teachers are very good and nice however sometimes it is just too boring to study German the entire day . I would also like to learn maths, physics and biology.

We have a lot of listening with our female teacher, but our male teacher thinks it is not just about learning. We laugh a lot. Learning German is hard for all of us, but he makes it easier. He is like our best friend.

Almost every day we eat soup and boiled potatoes.

1.20 pm

Once the classes are finished,  I walk with my friends to the bus station. I take the bus alone and go home directly. I do not like the lunch at home because the food is always the same and it is not tasty at all. We are not allowed cook there ourselves. We have been eating the same food every single day for a year now. It is extremely frustrating and boring.  We have  soup and boiled potatoes almost every day .

2.30 pm

Three times a week, I help out in the office at the camp. I translate for people who speak Russian and Persian, always until six o’clock. My tasks involve attending meetings, translating conversations with the social workers as well as other pending matters. I’ve been speaking Russian for the last 5 years  . .Persian is my native language. I find translating extremely fun .

6 pm

From time to time, I go with my mother for an evening walk,  but only  when I feel like doing so. Next to our place you can find a playground and a long quiet street. We walk down to the end of that street and then go back . Normally, we are chatting about our day. My mother is also studying German-sometimes at the home and sometimes at the community college. Afterwards together with my mother and my three brothers  we are having a dinner. Every day there is a choice of bread, butter, cheese and salad.

8 pm

After dinner, I’ve got some “house duties” to do which I simply call homework. Once everything is done I have time to chat with friends,  my father and my sister. My father is in Afghanistan and my sister is with her family in America.


I lie down in bed and even though I’m tired I have trouble falling asleep. I think about our lives. About my father, who lives alone without us. When we left Afghanistan, my father was still with us however.  We did not bring enough money to Iran so that all of us could cross the border. Therefore, he had to return. I do not know what he’s doing now. Perhaps he misses us very much.. I wonder: When will he be with us again? Can he come or not? Is he alright? And if he comes to us to Germany, what will I tell him? I’ll hug him tightly. I miss him. I hope that when I get up tomorrow, life will be just  like three years ago and we will be all together again. I close my eyes and fall asleep dreaming of that to happen.

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