A call for participants for the first one-day training in 2016 by the Middle East and North Africa Committee of the European Youth Press. Topic: “Trauma and Journalism: How to interview people in distress”.



Reporters are often faced with, and rarely trained on, trauma and distress. They interview rape survivors, victims of accidents and crime, and most recently heavily traumatised refugees. Little thoughts are given within the profession on what an untrained interviewer can cause on the side of the interviewee. Developing trauma reporting skills is needed in all fields of human rights reporting.

The Middle East and North Africa Committee (MENAC) invites applicants, aged between 18 and 30 to participate to an one-day training which objective is to educate young journalists on a specific aspect of trauma reporting: the interview situation. Its target group are young international journalists, student journalists, bloggers and media students.

After attending this one-day training the participants will have a better understanding of reporting people in distress. Those could be refugees, immigrants, torture or sexual violence survivors, traumatised children, or even perpetrators of human rights violation.

As a first step participants will exchange their previous experience interviewing people in distress and be encouraged to discuss good and bad practices.

Afterwards, they will learn how to improve their capacity in terms of interviewing people in distress, based on material of the Dart Center for Trauma and Journalism. Finally participants will be given tips and advices by an experienced reporter on the field of reporting on people in distress.

Experts to join this training are going to be Mohamed Amjahid, political reporter at ZEIT magazine, awarded for his reporting on refugees and Jeanny Gering, Program Assistant of Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma.

Further information

The training will be held in Berlin on April 9 at  Junge Presse Berlin. The event will be held in English, so a working level of the language is required.
Participation fee is 15€.

Application and deadline

Please apply by sending your name, surname, your age and highlighting your relevant education (journalism, media and communication) and working experience, by April 4th, 23:59 CET in the email: t.gournelou@youthpress.org with the subject line “Journalism & Trauma: How to interview people in distress by MENAC”. Please state in a short paragraph how this training would benefit you.

The training will be facilitated by Theodosia Gournelou and Pascale Müller from the Middle East and North Africa committee. Both facilitators are experienced journalists in reporting on human rights.

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