Meet Project Silphium, bloggers from Libya and new partner on menac.


Project Silphium is a platform that allows Libyan women to connect and network in a safe interactive online space. It was founded at the end of 2014,  a time when most international and national non-governmental organisations stopped working as a result of the ongoing conflict.

Mainstream media outlets would not tell the stories of Libyan women, so the founders of project Silphium decided to take over.By teaching women how to make use of online tools, they helped them  to regain control over their stories, lives and futures.

Bloggers from Project Silphium will be blogging on menac about their daily struggles, their rights, their projects and successes, allowing them to empower other Libyan women in the process and giving our audience in Europe and beyond and insight to their world.

We are content to start this collaboration and confident that it will be one step further in promoting quality citizenjournalism and diversity in media.

Twitter: @psilphium – Arabic version @ps3rbi



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