The Middle East and North Africa Committee (menac) is glad to announce a new cooperation with, an online platform aiming to create a media dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims and raise critical awareness of stereotypes and prejudices. One of menac’s aims is to pay attention to stories that are neglected by mainstream media and highlight the work of grass root and social movements. In that context we launched our partnership with the team, a group of young media makers whose goal is to create a dialogue between many segments of today’s diverse communities.

BannerTalent1 is an online platform that helps to empower the world with inspiring new content, a motivational approach and a new way to provide insights on certain aspects of today’s society. Our content is mainly self-written articles, quotes from inspiring figures from the present and the past and all this wrapped up in a professional design”, says Mansour Jamal Ibrahim, one of Mvslim’s editors.

We started as a small group of youngsters dedicated to provide the world with a platform. This platform would consist of critical articles regarding different topics. These articles are mainly written by students who believe they deserve the right to have an opinion on certain subjects” he added. was launched in April 2015. Today people from different parts of world, such as the United States of America, Malaysia and South Africa, contribute to the website by writing stories about history, culture, entertainment, daily life, fashion, spirituality and many more.

According to Mansur “certain topics can only be discussed by the people who have been exposed to them. We believe that if someone else wrote about certain articles, it would diminish the quality. We want to keep growing and revolutionize the idea of a worldwide platform that is accessible by anyone who feels they can contribute in any way”.

We are content to start this collaboration and confident that it will be one step further in promoting a broader understanding of culture and diversity.

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