October 7, 2014

The cover of the Rethinking Journalism magazine

Young journalists from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa focus on reporting conflicts from a new perspective

“ We often do not feel affected by the news. While we see the sheer number of conflicts increasing, they are happening some place else. Maybe we are just too wealthy, too ignorant and too far away to engage with the constant stream of news on violence.” – Helene Timm (participant, Germany)

From 15 – 21 September, 2014, a group of 30 young journalists took part in the training session Rethinking Journalism in Berlin, Germany, that focused on the question of how to report on conflicts. The training session is part of a project organised by the Middle East and North Africa committee of the European Youth Press. The participants from Germany, Austria, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tunisia, Egypt, and Lebanon learned about the concepts of peace journalism and ethical reporting in several training sessions, after which they applied the newly learned skills producing the digital magazine Rethinking Journalism.

The magazine features topics that range from the Yazidi community in Kurdistan to local conflicts in Berlin, such as the struggle of two African refugees looking for a new start in Germany, as well as the Jewish and Muslim communities’ joint efforts to fight antisemitism and islamophobia. Personal stories, such as Ena Hasković’s story of how she was wounded in her mother’s womb during the mid-90’s Bosnian war, found their place in this issue.

The magazine can be viewed online here:

An important outcome of the project are the guidelines that the participants wrote down for journalists to use when covering conflicts. They can be read in full here.

The project was kindly funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme, the German Foreign Ministry and the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung.

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