Menac participated in a Euro-Med meeting named “Media facing tensions and transitions in the Mediterranean” in Barcelona, Spain from February 28 until March 2.

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The meeting aimed to debate about actions aimed at supporting journalists in facing challenges of the new social and cultural landscape that is emerging in the Mediterrean region. As media and journalists are facing and dealing with the consequences of the transformations and conflicts in the region, the meeting primarily focused on the challenges for media in this new context, especially in relation to freedom of the press and fair and balanced reporting. Emphasis was also put on the role of media in democracies in transition.

Over two days, the meeting was constructed of plenary, debates and working groups, with prominent speakers such as Noami Sakr from Westminster University, Aidan White from the Ethical Journalism Network and Nourredine Fridhi from Al Arabiya.

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Professor Naomi Sakr, professor of media policy, Westminster University

Unfortunately, the debates and conversations often drove off topic and much focus was put on the implications of new media on journalism, rather than the transitional media landscape, and the sessions at time became too long and unfocused. Another aspect worth noting was the uneven ratio men-women as well as youth-older amongst the speakers. Out of 38 speakers, 13 were women, and the youths even fewer. Overall, however, the event was quite interesting and menac made some new contacts that would be exciting to work with in the future.

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Debate on how crisis and transitions are changing the media with Jörg Lau from Die Zeit, Lotfi Hajji from Al Jazeera and Nourredine Fridhi from Al Arabiya at the Euro-Med Media Meeting in Barelona on Media Facing Tensions and Transitions in the Mediterranean.

The meeting was a preparatory event of the Anna Lindh Mediterranean forum 2013, which will gather over 1000 civil society actors and policy makers.

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