Menac introduces to you the next eleven participants of the Rethinking Journalism session.

Aya Chebbi (Tunisia)


Aya Chebbi is an award winning pan-Africanist activist and renowned blogger. Her passion for storytelling has taken her to over 20 countries in Africa and the Middle East, where conflicts are complex to deconstruct. She has written pieces for Arab, American, German, Swedish, British and South African magazines and websites with a keen focus on social movements, human rights, peace and conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. Interested in filmmaking, peace and conflict, Aya produced long documentary “Africa Inspire: Kenya’s Conscious Transformation” and short documentary “Arab Muslims Living in the USA”, which was shortlisted for PLURAL + 2013 Youth Video Festival.

Kathrin Faltermeier (Germany)


Kathrin studied Political Sciences in Germany and France and holds a Masters degree in „International Political Journalism“ from Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence. She worked as a journalist in Senegal and was editorial assistant for the European online magazine Cafébabel. She currently lives in Tunis.

Emmanuel Haddad (Lebanon)


Emmanuel has been a freelance journalist for 3 years and reported from zones of political unrest and conflict for the last 2 years, in countries such as Niger, Mali, Lebanon and Iraq. He tries to work on the margins of a conflict, on how it affects people in their every day life, strategies of survival and resistance to violence, and not only on the political and military aspects of it. Emmanuel’s work has been published in media such as Le Courrier, La Liberté, Sept, Alternatives Internationales, La Cité, Jeune Afrique, L’Express, Regards, Imagine, Terra Eco.

Sally Eshun (Germany)


Sally is an editor-in-chief of a youth magazine (FREIHAFEN) and contributing editor at local online magazine. She thinks it is important to question news reporting on sensitive issues and to contribute to a de-escalating atmosphere as a journalist. Especially in war zones.

Katharina Walbert (Austria)


Katharina is 19 years old and is studying Journalism and Communication studies in Vienna. She is board member of Youth Press Austria and did journalistic work for different magazines. Katharina is fascinated about journalism since she is a little kid, like when she worked for her school magazin at the age of 10.

Inasa Bibic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Although born and raised in Sarajevo, Inasa has lived in Berlin for 2 years now. As a student of Humanities, the Arts and Social Thought at Bard College Berlin, she is very much interested in the interconnectedness of the world, people and all phenomena that surround us. It is through (mostly journalistic) writing and photography that she has found he mediums of expressing these things. Inasa strongly believes that people can be impacted through powerful storytelling and imagery. Making these mediums impactful is still a learning path for her. One of the main reasons she applied for “Rethinking Journalism” is exactly thanks to its plethora of topics, as well as combined theoretical and practical work. As somebody interested in interdisciplinary fields and socially aware creative work, she believes trainings such as this one can be more helpful in forming a professional path (or a life call) than four years of college often are. There comes a time when you just have to go out there and do what feels right for you, and not what the books have been telling you your whole life.

Helene Timm (Germany)


Helene Timm has always liked to be engaged in a variety of projects with lots of different people. Writing became one of the most important tools to communicate with others and spread the word about social, cultural or political issues. But whenever she takes a look at the news, I feel like media is not making too much of an effort to search for peaceful solutions but is focusing on the downfalls in the world. That is why she likes to see media as an opportunity for herself and everyone else to change the world-view.

Hend Kortam (Egypt)


Hend Kortam is a 22-year old, Cairo-based journalist. I love traveling because it is an enriching and life-changing experience that provides an opportunity to meet and bond with people from different countries and to learn about different cultures. Writing news for print and online media is what she does the best. That means that she often finds herself writing about countries in conflict, an often challenging task, both on the personal and professional levels. For the time being, she will do all she can to provide accurate and objective reporting on the developing crises in the region, until the day that the Middle East will have peace.

Radhouane Addala (Tunisia)


Radhouane Addala is a a freelance correspondent and producer based in Tunis with experience working across the Maghreb for international news agencies as a reporter, stringer and fixer. He now mostly works with television and as the LA Times’ special correspondent in Tunisia.

Teresa Mayr (Austria)


Teresa finished BA in African Studies last year and she is about to finish he BA in International Development at the University of Vienna. She just started a Masters in Social Economy and Social Work at the FH Campus Wien – University of Applied Sciences. Teresa’s last internship was at the Institute for Peace Support and Conflict Management. Besides she is working with the Diakonie for the Ecumenical Accompany Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI), she was an EA in 2012 and spent 3 months in Palestine and Israel.

Yara Nahle (Lebanon)


Yara is a student and journalist from Lebanon. She writes in local media outlets. She is interested in the political, economic and social structures of my country and the region. And she believes in empowering the youth and activating its participation in shaping these structures. Hence, most of her writings are concerned with the youth and their role. She is also aiming at involving herself in types of journalism other than print. She believes in the great role the media can play to influence the course of events, that is why she chose to enter such an influential field of life, and she will only try to use it in a way as to make it exercise a more positive impact on the world.

Nedim Hadrovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Nedim is a people person and loves cultures and colorful food. He has spent the majority of his life living and studying abroad, from the Middle East to the Far East. He graduated with a Digital Media and Film degree and is an aspiring journalist, media expert, and filmmaker. His visual work has been shown at galleries and festivals in Malaysia, Singapore and New York City, and he has written for Deutsche Welle and OpenDemocracy. He is currently preparing his feature documentary on the Bosnian Jewish community.

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