Landed an interview with the Prime Minister of your country? Tell us how! Researching your sources got you in a spot of trouble? How did you get out of it? Came across an exciting story while on holidays? Where did it take you? As journalists, we know that the way we get our story is actually another story in itself.


This “story behind a story” often remains untold. It is well kept in our memory, only to be shared with family, friends. But we learn from the challenges that we have gone through, and so can others. This makes us realize that journalism is not only about telling stories but is also about being creative in finding them: reaching out to unusual sources, digging into data that seems trivial or boring at first, or looking for new angles.

That said, we often go to great lengths to get the story – spend extra money, work extra hours or corner and question our sources in the most impossible places and ways. No matter what, we love our job! We live for that excitement and that ultimate, rewarding feeling of being able to find a keyhole to spy through, when all the other doors are closed. In order to share these extraordinary experiences with others and inspire them towards bold journalism, MENAC is opening a call for journalists and media-makers to tell their “behind the scenes” stories. Talk about your experiences in any form (interview, article, feature story) or any medium (online, press, radio, TV) and tell us HOW you made it, the mechanics behind it, YOUR working method. Share your chest of wisdom with others!

To make it easier for you and our readers, we have categorized our Story of a Story series as follows:

My Most Challenging Story
My First Story
My Most Dangerous Story
My Most Exciting Story
My Career-Defining Journalism Moment

We are open to stories from any place in the world, but especially looking forward to those that come from the MENA region. The best stories will be published on the MENAC blog and shared with our followers.

Feel free to add visual materials to make your story more powerful and engaging.

Please send your stories to:

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