Nearly half a year ago, MENAC launched a cooperation with the European Institute of the Mediterranean and its annual short story contest A Sea of Words. This cooperation has allowed us to publish 14 short stories written by young aspiring writers from all over the Mediterranean. Throughout the journey, we have gone through all kinds of realities; we have met new, outstanding characters, experiencing their life situations, trying to solve their problems, dealing with their worries and fears, and feeling their love and passion.


We have been with Katja and her decision to flee her home country Croatia, leaving her mother behind. We have pondered upon putting a relative into a nursing home. Together with Eleni, we have gone to the Turkish occupied side of Cyprus to perform, facing an article next day morning that deems Eleni a traitor. We have fallen in love with Juan and decided to stay in Slovenia, despite a job offer back home in Argentina. Because of love, we have crossed the borders of Israel and Palestine and felt the inevitable conflict. 

If you think you have missed any of these stories or would like to read them again, MENAC has created a list of the Best short stories according to the reach of the audience on our Facebook page. But before you delve into reading, let us give a round of applause to all the authors for enriching us culturally and making us realize that a single story can indeed make a change in our mindset.

In addition to thanking the authors, MENAC would also like to thank to our illustrator Eduard Losing, who portrayed each story visually, thus giving them a new, fresh look.

Enjoy reading the stories!

1. Love Comes from the North by Sayed Ismail

2. Invisible Mother by Katja Knežević

3. Errors Allowed by Christoforos Pavlakis

4. Playing Democracy or a Girl from the Room Republic by Gintarė Laurinavičiūtė

5. Half Hearted by Veronika Puska

6. Seven Years in Dreamland by Martyna Chrześcijańska

7. Zmajski Most by Daniel López Bončina.

8. The Afareet by Mirette Bahgat

9. Water City by Dragana Tripković

10. The Cut by Eleni Skarpari Reach

11. The Lollipop Fields by Jaimie O’Connell

12. Brokeback Suicides by Mladen Grgić

13. Milena is a Sex Bomb by Alfredo Zucchi

14. Beautician by Ana Pessoa


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