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“Journalism can never be silent;
that is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault.” (Henry Anatole Grunwald)

Within the context of conflicts, journalists have the professional responsibility to avoid stereotypes and contribute to a better understanding of the conflict and its solution.

From September 15-21, 30 young media makers and journalists from Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Latvia, Lebanon, Austria, and Tunisia will be meeting in Berlin to venture deeper into this topic. Beginning with a broader understanding of the term “conflict” that includes but also goes beyond so-called conflict zones, the young journalists will learn about concepts of peace journalism and conflict-sensitive reporting.

After theoretical introductions to these topics by notable peace journalists Vanessa Bassil (Founder of the Media Association for Peace in Lebanon), participants will then delve into practical media analysis. This analysis will serve as the basis for guidelines on conflict reporting that the participants will set up. These guidelines will be applied in media products that will be produced from Thursday until the end of the workshop week. A magazine featuring written pieces will be released online shortly after the event.

The project is carried out by the European Youth Press in cooperation with six partner organisations and the support of Linke Medienakademie. It is funded by the European Commission, German Foreign Ministry, and the Rosa Luxemburg foundation.

During the project, two panel discussions featuring notable conflict reporters, activists, and scientists will take place. The panel sessions are open to the public. The first, about Journalists as activists or observers, was held on September 15. The second, about working conditions for journalists in conflict zones, will take place on September 17.

An International Peace Day celebration will fittingly conclude the event on September 21.

Among the participants in Berlin will be remarkable journalists, bloggers, and activists.

For questions and interviews, please refer to project coordinator Anna Saraste:

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